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No matter what anyone thinks, but released back in 2007, STALKER became a real hit and attracted a diverse audience with its very specific atmosphere of survival in the exclusion zone. What happened next is no secret to anyone: after a series of again successful, but controversial additions at first glance, the inevitable second part died for a long time for mainly internal reasons. However, this does not mean that the topic of the post-apocalypse on the territory of the former Soviet Union was closed, not at all.

At first, 4A Games performed successfully with their Metro, and now they have taken the baton – who would have thought? – another native of the overclocked GSC Game World. Having founded a new studio under the unpretentious name Vostok Games, they decided to repeat their own success, but only in the field of online entertainment. Actually, this is how Survarium appeared – a game about a nondescript future and completely unrestrained citizens who, even after the cataclysm, could not find better things to do than steal computers and shoot each other.

At the start of the open beta test, the meaning of everything that is happening is quite simple: we hold session matches in order to level up, repeat until we get bored. Simply put, the World of Tanks formula has migrated here too, only with the amendments inherent in the FPS genre. Plus, our old friends obviously tried to hit the same gate twice, because the game literally emits its ancestor’s pheromones with every frame. It comes to the ridiculous: the content that was visually available at first seemed to be specially copied to create a thicker atmosphere, and the local groups can easily find prototypes from there. However, things are slowly getting better, and already in the latest updates you can visit Cologne (despite the fact that you have to admire the views of it only from the bridge).

If we talk about the gameplay, the distinguishing feature of the project is that personal achievements do not always mean the result. In order to win, you need to carry boxes with chips to the base and store them. At the end, the familiar rule works for everyone: whoever has more, he won. This scheme allows you to turn the chaos inherent in most online shooters into a kind of meaningful party, where they win only by covering and helping each other. The simplest example: your “brothers” have collected most of the boxes and, in anticipation of the end of the match, presses the enemy to the respawn, where in a fierce battle they fill the remaining “frags” for dessert; however, a dozen seconds before the final, the adversary who slipped into the rear instantly clears the base, and everything acquired by overwork is right on the ground, not counting for the result and dooming you to defeat.

And it would be good… alas, the hereditary disease of all online shooting games did not bypass Survarium either. There are a lot of cheaters at the moment, which is indirectly confirmed by regular public executions of especially distinguished ones. But, despite the almighty banhammer, this does not fundamentally change the situation and does not cancel far from the most pleasant impressions.

On the other hand, the absolute advantage is the monetization model, in which those burdened with money have no obvious advantages. However, so far the choice itself is small: you can only spend money on a premium account and camouflages, which is frankly not enough for an online game. Fans of The Sims will not appreciate it – you can’t even change your hairstyle.

Training the spinal cord is clearly not for everyone, and although the developers have already begun to implement a promising cooperative mode, when it will be released is a mystery. So for now, Survarium really justifies its status: it’s a good demo, but nothing more. Most should wait for the implementation of the announced grandiose plans. And if everything succeeds, then it will be possible to say with confidence: “I have definitely not seen this yet!”.

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