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Citizen Sleeper Review

Citizen Sleeper Review: In Citizen Sleeper, you’re a replicant like Blade Runner’s protagonist. The company that made you has let you out of custody, and you’ve taken asylum on a space station that has gone rogue and is now home to rebels, refugees, and a pirate crew. Your day-to-day survival is also on your mind, as you worry about being chased down and shot in the back.

Citizen Sleeper excels in instilling a sense of habit among its users. There was a distinct difference between my daily routine in Cyberpunk 2077 and this one: I went to bed every night to try to activate sidequests. Some of it was purely roleplaying, while the rest was necessary for the machine.

A pool of dice is rolled each morning, and each one can be used to perform an action of your choice. Your performance will improve as your score increases. To help a local mechanic untangle some twisted sails, I may invest a 6, but since I didn’t get anything higher than a 4, I’m going to have to settle with mediocre results cleaning the overgrown Greenway where I plan to start a mushroom garden for my money.

There’s another side to the station, so lower numbers aren’t meaningless. There, in the data cloud, where your consciousness floats freely, you hack systems by spending dice—but here it’s about matching numbers rather than having high ones. It’s up to me whether I want to spend my one hour catching up with this Yatagan gang agent or work a shift at the noodle shop, where I can eat some noodles and replenish my energy no matter how poorly I perform.


There are other influences as well. Citizen Sleeper reminded me of Planetes, a television series about space garbage collectors. Citizen Sleeper, like Planetes, focuses on everyday people. Characters rendered in emotive anime faces superimposed on the station are shown alongside blocks of text that narrate their stories with choice-and-consequence moments of involvement as you explore each segment.

All these characters have one thing in common: they’re all attempting to break out of a space station and create a better life for themselves and their families. You never know who will be worth your time and attention. It’s possible that some people will betray you. Who can you rely on?

Citizen Sleeper Review

They tell their stories as they go along. In order to keep yourself busy while waiting for the next episode, you can work at the bar or farm stacks, explore the Rotunda or the Hub, and keep yourself from collapsing while you wait. You have a condition stat that is always decreasing as a result of the corporation that designed your obsolescence. When time runs out, you have a smaller pool of dice to choose from. To put it simply, you’re not built to last. The stabilizer you’ll need to restock your supply is both pricey and difficult to come across.

The hunters put even more pressure on the system. The corporation or their freelancers will ultimately find you, and every hack you perform gives the bestial AI that patrols the station’s cyberspace a further sniff of your scent. There will come a day when everyone will have to face the music.

As Citizen Sleeper goes on you get adept at abusing its mechanisms, and find answers to these difficulties. A game called tavla at the Tambour Tearoom allowed me to earn enough money to build up my mushroom farm in the greatest possible way. Even though I was living in a shipping container, I was able to get out.

In Citizen Sleeper, there are several different endings, some of which allow you to continue the game and discover other endings. As a result of my efforts, I was able to liberate an AI from a vending machine, foil a couple of corporate plots to get access to the station, and refurbish a bar before I was done. When I finished the game, I couldn’t bear to leave, so I hit the end credits three times.

The best thing I can say about Citizen Sleeper is that it allowed me to establish a life that I wanted to continue living. Who will pick the mushrooms if I leave? That stray cat’s food is going to be supplied by whom?

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