Sharpen up Space Knives for Sci-fi Soulslike Dolmen 2022

Sharpen up Space Knives for Sci-fi Soulslike Dolmen 2022

 Dolmen: Combat RPG Dolmen is a complex blend of science fiction and cosmic horror. Dolmen is a Souls-like experience that seamlessly blends the two into the vast, future universe of Revision Prime. It’s an adventure you can really sink your teeth into. From overhanging organic nesting chambers to slick metal hallways, each region offers intricate exploration and challenging combat.

The title’s Dolmen are crystals with enigmatic and unique properties. Your job as a mercenary is to bring samples of these back from this dangerous alien world so that they can be further investigated and utilized – possibly enabling a new frontier of space travel that will alter the known world. Revision Prime is an inhospitable world, and players will not only be up against terrifying creatures but also the environment itself.

Understanding how to stay safe, energized, and combat-ready is key for success in Dolmen. The entire planet is trying to get you, but your skills and weaponry may give you the upper hand. The CTO of Massive Work Studio, Gabriel Neves Ferreira, provided us with some insider advice on how to approach your first few battles in the game.

When playing Dolmen, you can expect to face a variety of human and non-human enemies. “There are arachnid foes, bugs, and some humanoid enemies, enormous ones, including the enemy on the game’s cover, which makes for a wonderful boss battle… “You can also anticipate heavy-armored generals and various mutations and monstrosities,” says Ferreira. Yes, tentacled monstrosities will pile on top of you and battle-weary generals will dispatch troops to mow you down, but the key to any war, he argues, is to remember that every foe has a strategy. Regardless of the enemy’s species, do not underestimate them, and as you go, discover their individual weaknesses.

“Every foe is incredibly powerful, and this universe is unforgiving,” Ferreira adds. “From the first boss onward, I recommend playing wisely.” Observe their moves, be cautious, take your time, and utilize every available resource.” There are a variety of moves that can be employed against every enemy. Rather than rushing into a fight with a powerful assault and wondering why it is insufficient, it may be prudent to first stun the opponent with a jump, dodge, or lighter attack. Once your foe is on the ground, you have an opportunity to deal significant damage, and you may even escape unscathed.


Sharpen up Space Knives for Sci-fi Soulslike Dolmen 2022

Dolmen contains three elements: fire, acid, and ice. In combat, enemies will be especially vulnerable to one or more of these aspects, and they can be attached to weapons to increase their impact. Energy Mode grants your weapon an elemental condition, allowing you to exploit their distinct weaknesses.

One of the advantages of entering a Soulslike knowing you’re ready for a difficult struggle is that you can anticipate facing the same challenges until you vanquish them. You will discover via trial and error which foes are delayed by ice and which are repelled by acid. “Every boss has different dynamics,” adds Ferreira, “and it’s crucial that you adapt to them.”

Utilize your strengths

If the unrelenting attack is not producing the desired results, it may be time to pivot to defense. With the skill trees, players can customize their build as much or as little as they like, although Ferreira suggests focusing on your unique talents. “For instance,” he explains, “if you’re better with ranged weapons, I’d suggest going for a defensive build. Take your time, retreat sometimes, and fire a few shots to weaken the enemy before engaging in combat.”

For melee-focused characters, he advises a more aggressive build, utilizing the skill tree to enhance raw combat abilities and rushing the enemy with weapons such as the Dual Gauntlets. Favoring one gaming style may make things more challenging for the player, but they will not be impossible.


Dolmen is not a typical arcade shooter, therefore you must be mindful of your physical limitations. Each of the player’s Health, Stamina, and Energy bars have a specific purpose and determines the player’s capabilities in each battle.

The Health bar is exactly what it sounds like, and the Stamina bar enables you to evade and perform melee strikes. When either of these runs out and you must utilize Energy, the situation becomes complicated. The Energy bar is partially utilized to increase the Health bar during the fight, but it is depleted with each use. Monitoring both of these gauges will be essential to your success.

“You must be cautious about how much you’re mending,” says Ferreira. Energy is finite and regaining it is extremely difficult. You do have batteries that can recharge it, but they are time-consuming and in short supply. Simply said, in order to succeed, players will have to conserve their Energy and safeguard their health for as long as possible, necessitating a more tactical style of play.

To make matters worse, Energy is the source of shooting power. If you are employing ranged weapons and run out of Energy, the situation will rapidly deteriorate. Fortunately, there is a distinction between the two, with healing Energy being “non-recoverable” and shooting Energy slowly regenerating over time. The connection between the two is essential to understand, as Energy can only be used for one function at a time, requiring precise timing while switching between healing and shooting.

“To be combat-ready,” Ferreira advises, “be sure to have full Energy and plenty of batteries.” If you overextend, you will need to return to a terminal to recharge your batteries, which will cause the opponent to respawn.” For newbies, there is a lot to take in, but if you’re up for the task, Dolmen will not disappoint. Dolmen is immediately available on PC via Steam; obtain a copy today.


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