Best V Rising Weapons

Best V Rising Weapons

Best V Rising Weapons: Do you want to discover which V Rising weaponry is the most effective? In this vampire game, you may choose from seven different sorts of weapons, and while it’s easy to state that the finest weapons have the highest stats, there’s more to it than that.

To prevent confusion, we’ll refer to this as ‘physical damage’ for the purposes of this discussion. Damage dealt per second is therefore the most important consideration when creating a V Rising construct.

For the best V Rising weapons, you’ll need to collect materials from all across the game’s landscape. V Blood and the Orb of Knowledge can be obtained by killing bosses and high-ranking foes in order to craft sophisticated weaponry.

In addition, each weapon has two abilities. For the first, you need weapons of the copper or higher tier, while for the second, you need weapons of the iron or higher tier. Some skills are more suited to PvP battles, while others are better suited to PvE battles where there are fewer foes to contend with. Your priorities may fluctuate based on which V Rising servers you’re using.

The following are the most effective V Rising weaponry:

Sword \sAxes \sSpear \sReaper \sMace \sSlasher \sCrossbow



Swords are now the greatest weapons in both PvE and PvP in V Rising. Swords have short-range and weaker combo attack numbers than most other weapon types, but their nimble base attack speed more than makes up for it in terms of overall DPS.

A good hit-and-run strategy makes use of both the Whirlwind and Shockwave abilities. A 1.1-second rotation causes you to deal 35 percent of the weapon’s attack stat every 0.25 seconds. At 70% physical damage, every enemy hit by the Shockwave skill is launched into the air for 1.6 seconds. This is the Shockwave’s primary effect. After using the skill again, you teleport to the target and strike it three times, delivering 25% physical damage each time.


Even while axes attack slower than swords, their regular attack combo is still very deadly, making them a top V Rising weapon. When you use Frenzy, your initial ability, you dash forward and deal 100 percent physical damage to an adversary. Strike speed and movement speed are boosted by 30% and 25% respectively for 0.8 seconds after this attack hits.

Activating this skill after utilizing X-Strike, your second attack skill is highly recommended. You deal 85 percent physical damage to your opponent and slow them down for 1.5 seconds with each hit. Axes can only slow down an opponent for a short period of time if they are on the opposite sides of the intersection, making them vulnerable to your ferocious axe blows.


Because you thrust the spear, it has a smaller hitbox than most of the top V Rising weapons but a larger range and faster attack speed. Despite this, you have a few abilities that will aid you out. The Harpoon is used to launch the Spear at an adversary. At the same time as inflicting 70 percent physical damage on an enemy, it will also bring them closer to you.

If you hit with the Harpoon, you should use A Thousand Spears to follow up. Up to eight times, this stabbing attack deals 30% of the target’s physical damage. You can knock them back a short distance by interrupting their stabbing attempts with a thrusting assault that deals 50% physical damage.


Despite its high damage output, the Mace’s attack speed causes it to deal less damage overall, resulting in lower DPS. Despite this, its capabilities are amazing. Attacking an enemy with Crushing Blow will deal 110 percent of your physical weapon stat and inflict Fading Snare for two seconds on anybody who is hit by the blast.

Once you’ve used Smack, your second ability, you’ll be able to hit your opponents for 50% of their physical weapon stat, knock them back, and put them out of action for 1.2 seconds. Despite its effectiveness, the Maces’ strike speed is a major drawback to this strategy.


Another slow weapon and one without a close-in attack talent, the Reaper isn’t all that effective against fast-moving foes. A handful of its talents allow it to become one of the most effective PvE V Rising weapons while facing close-range opponents.

Tendon Swing deals 125 percent physical damage to foes, pushes them back for two seconds, and applies Fading Snare. Like a follow-up following dealing 20 percent physical damage every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds with the enemy party with Howling Reaper, it’s ideal to utilize this talent. When you activate the talent, a missile appears that slows down foes for 1.5 seconds if it hits them. Damage output is tremendous, but it necessitates a lot of running around after adversaries.


Even though the Slasher’s three-hit combination deals just 90% of its weapon attack stat, these claws have a high rate of attack to make up for it. ‘V Rising’ In PvP, the main advantage of the slasher is its ability to inflict status illnesses on your opponents. This is why it is one of the finest V Rising weapons.

For example, camouflage enhances your movement speed by 25% for six seconds and hides you from the enemy. Taking things a step further, any assault you perform while in this state deals 80 percent physical damage and temporarily paralyzes your enemy for three seconds. It’s possible to dart around and slash enemies for 60% physical damage while also stacking a two-second slow with the Slasher’s second skill, Elusive Strike if the going gets tough.


The crossbow’s bolts cause 110 percent more physical damage than any other weapon in V Rising, making it the most devastating weapon in the game. Unfortunately, every melee weapon is superior to the crossbow in terms of damage and reload speed, making it a waste of a good crossbow’s potential.

In spite of this, the talents may be a lot of fun to utilize. Five arrows are fired into a narrow area by Rain of Bolts. Inflicting the Fading Snare status condition for 1.5 seconds on any enemies caught inside each arrow deals 40% physical damage. A shot that deals 75% physical damage are fired quickly by Snapshot, while an enemy spell is interrupted and Fading Snare is applied for two seconds as a result.

All of the best weapons from V Rising are here. Advanced materials are needed in this crafting game in order to produce superior equipment. Visit our V Rising leather, whetstone, and blood essence guides for all the information you need to know about each item. Of course, if looting isn’t your thing, you can always outsource the job to some V Rising servants.

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