Play the Best PC Games on Your Mobile Device

Play the Best PC Games on Your Mobile Device

Play the Best PC Games: Do you know which are the best mobile PC games? If you’d asked that question a decade ago, there wouldn’t have been a lot of options for us to recommend. Many of the top PC games have been ported to mobile devices over the years, and today’s smartphones and tablets can compete with their PC and console counterparts when it comes to gaming libraries.

The finest PC games on mobile will, of course, be influenced by your own preferences as a gamer, so we’ve chosen eight games that represent a variety of genres and studios. We sincerely hope that at least one of these selections will make you laugh out loud.

One game is conspicuously missing from the list as well: Minecraft. Even though we enjoy mining, avoiding Creepers, creating Nether portals, and creating cool Minecraft buildings, we thought it was time to highlight some other classic games that you may not be familiar with, so please pardon our ignorance.

The following are the top PC games for mobile:

Magic: The Gathering Arena: Elvenar Forge of Empires
Legendary Rusty Pup: The Unusual Story
Battlegrounds of PlayerUnknown
We’ve Got The Sims Mobile!


This game will appeal to anyone who enjoys city-building sims as well as tactical and fantasy elements. To begin Elvenar, you must choose between humans and elves. If you choose humans, you’ll develop a civilization that is disconnected from the natural world. If you choose elves… You’re familiar with the process by which humans create civilizations.


Your kingdom grows from humble beginnings all the way to a colossal fantasy superpower. It’s inevitable that as a community grows, it will come into conflict with other groups, leading to conflict and war. It’s a game you can play for hours and hours, but the fact that it’s free makes it even better.

The Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires isn’t the only strategy game on this list, but we couldn’t resist including it. Like Elvenar, this free-to-play game was developed by InnoGames and finds you constructing a little settlement in the Stone Age, then extending and growing it across the many periods of real-world history.

As you progress through the various eras, your technology and architecture alter and evolve. After the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and so on, the Forge of Empires begins. It even takes you into the far future to see if flying cars and hoverboards ever took off. It’s an unforgettable experience to follow the development of your own civilization over such a long period of time.


MTG is one of the most popular and adored trading card games in history. With Magic: The Gathering Arena, the legendary game has been able to establish itself in the PC and mobile gaming arenas as well.
To put it another way, this is a free online card game. A virtual collection of MTG cards can be built up as you compete with computer players or even human opponents. MTG is a great hobby for those who have always desired to get into it.


We’re going to look at an underappreciated indie gem for our upcoming entry. Rusty Pup: The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup takes you on a journey through war-ravaged structures and landscapes. It’s a game with a lot of charm and a lot of creep factors.

An indie firm founded by Conker’s Bad Fur Day’s Chris Seavor, Gory Detail, was responsible for the development of the new game. In the event that you’ve ever played the game and are looking for a similar experience, you should definitely download Rusty Pup on your PC or iPhone.


Runescape is one of the first MMORPGs, and for those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a must-play game. At the time of its release (2001), Runescape was groundbreaking and still remains a great example of the genre in which it competes.

In Runescape, you don’t have to follow any particular path; instead, you’re placed into the world and permitted to figure things out for yourself. It’s easy to see how Runescape has managed to remain current for nearly two decades now, with a vast globe to explore and endless tasks for players to take on. Because it’s cross-platform compatible, you can keep the same file open on many devices at the same time.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Even though you can play PUBG in third-person, we couldn’t leave out any first-person shooter titles from our list. Fortnite is the easiest analogy for those who have never played PUBG because both games feature a large group of up to 100 players participating in a major shootout on a constantly shrinking battlefield.

However, it differs from Fortnite in that it has a more gritty atmosphere. A realistic graphic style and a more tactical gameplay approach distinguish PUBG from Fortnite, which features big banana characters wandering about alongside Spider-Man. Battle Royale games are becoming increasingly popular, and this could be an excellent place to start if you’ve always wanted to play one.


Among the most successful PC games since its initial release in 2000, The Sims has now made its way to mobile devices with The Sims Mobile. You can easily check in with your Sims on your lunch break, during your commute, or wherever else you have a free minute and don’t want to fire up your gaming PC. This makes mobile phones the perfect platform for the franchise.

There is a limit to how much energy your Sim has each day, which prevents it from being an endless time sink and instead makes it a pleasant daily stress reliever. There’s always the option to buy more time. However, The Sims Mobile lets you build your home, fall in love, and acquire a job as well as throw parties and do all the other things that fans of the franchise adore.


Among Us would be omitted from this list, making it a little less suspenseful. If you haven’t played it before, Among Us places you on a dreary spaceship with a number of other players, all of whom are aware that one of you is a murderer. Identify the killer and then vote them off of the ship; if you’re the murderer, you’ll need to cover your tracks because you don’t want to be evicted from the ship.

While playing with friends is always more enjoyable, it’s simple to become sucked into the game even if you’re playing against total strangers over the internet.

There you have it: our top 8 PC games that are also playable on mobile. No, I haven’t tried any of them. Please tell us whether you’ll be playing any of them. We sincerely hope we’ve been able to introduce you to a new game.

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