The Best Dragon Games on PC in 2022

 Best Dragon Games on PC: Interested in finding out which PC dragon games are the best? Tolkien was no poster boy for fantasy, but dragons have long been the most feared and majestic animals in folklore, long before the advent of Dungeons & Dragons PC games. In most cases, they’re fire breathers and gold hoarders, but they can also become friends and even agree to be ridden, therefore they’re frequently mistaken for wyverns.

In the best RPGs on the PC, dragons and dragon-like creatures serve as both allies and opponents. We’re big fans of spectacular battles, and nothing delivers quite like a fire-breathing lizard.

If you’re looking for a good dragon game for PC, we’ve rounded together some of the greatest options. Many of the better choices come from massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Considering that dragons can’t always be defeated by a single adventurer, it makes it natural that many games that confront dragons do it at the epic scale of hundreds of players working together to defeat them… If you’re looking for more dragons in your life, these are the best games for you.

Impact of Genshin

For many, Genshin Impact and Breath of the Wild share a magnificent, broad, open environment that is full of things to do and resources to acquire. Even though Genshin Impact is a free game, both Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact feature dragons.

Indeed, dragons play a significant role in the game’s narrative, as they were the dominant species in the ancient past. A wide range of dragons can be found in Genshin Impact, including land, marine, and even talking forms. For those looking for a free dragon game, this is a good option. Breath of the Wild isn’t just a lazy clone, but a distinct experience in its own right.


Neverwinter’s dragons are some of the best you’ll find in a game set in the Forgotten Realms of D&D. With a focus on dragons, this free-to-play RPG has a variety of dragon-themed campaigns and monthly missions, along with powerful dragon bosses and all kinds of fantastic dragon-themed items for you to collect. Dungeons & Dragons is a rich source of inspiration for Cryptic Studios, which creates some of the most fearsome dragons in video games.


Dragons have long been the pinnacle of combat difficulty in this legendary MMO. You may now raise your own dragons in Archeage and utilize them as mounts thanks to the 4.5 release.



Skyrim’s dragons have defined a generation of scaled animals the same way its horses have defined a generation of mountain climbing. In the high peaks of the Nord homeland, Alduin and his ilk are the last battles for many a Dragonborn. A nice ending to the story is the stoic and legendary dragons of Tamriel. But dragons can appear while you’re merely gathering flowers as they are when you’re actively looking for them. There are few things worse than painstakingly plodding back to town, weighed down by your haul of looted treasure, and thinking, “oh dear,” while hearing the gigantic wing flaps directly overhead.


You won’t see dragons on a regular basis in this free MMO, but rather, dragons are portrayed as frightening endgame enemies who will destroy your raid party of 20 numerous times until you ultimately get the best of them. Make sure you know what you’re up against before heading out to face the gods in the Blood Storm.

In some ways, Rift resembles Classic World of Warcraft, right down to the class options and the two alliances. Even though Rift requires hundreds of hours of grinding, it does an excellent job of introducing players to a variety of new mounts, abilities, weapons, and other items to keep the power fantasy alive.

Elderly books can now be purchased online.

For the first time, dragons have been introduced into The Elder Scrolls Online’s enemies. Big winged animals were added to the Elsweyr expansion for ESO, which took players to the Khajiit homeland and ignited the desert ablaze. Dragon fights in ESO are open-world events meant to be tackled by dozens of players all coming together on the same battlefield. Dragons can be noticed flying overhead until they eventually descend to a place big enough for a fight where players can band together to take them down. Fire and other unpleasant AOE effects can easily kill any player who isn’t on their toes when confronted by dragons in ESO.


Players will face some of the most fearsome monsters in fantasy in this series, which has been praised for its difficulty. Despite the fact that dragons play an important role in Dark Souls’ mythology, the real thing is extremely hard to come by. There are dragon-like monsters like drakes and wyverns in the Dark Souls series that are distant cousins of the great beasts, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. In keeping with the epic boss fight tradition of Dark Souls, the Ancient Wyvern in Dark Souls 3 is a fearsome foe, as are the really terrifying Gaping Dragon and Seath the Scaleless from Dark Souls.


The first two Dragon Age games feature dragons, and the climactic boss fight in Dragon Age: Origins is against a dragon-sized Archdemon. Dragon Age: Inquisition has the best of the brood by far, though. The quest to slay all nine of Inquisition’s High Dragons becomes available once you defeat your first dragon in any of the game’s many explorable zones. Everyone in your party is dwarfed by their enormous wingspans and correspondingly enormous lists of special resistances and skills. Because the Inquisitor and his companions only bring a group of four, dragon battles can last quite a while.

The Dark Arisen is the Dragon’s Dominion.

A later port of Dragon’s Dogma, called Dark Arisen, provided us Monster Hunter-style beast slaying, which we had lost out on with the original game. While Dragon’s Dogma contains a slew of other monstrous foes to defeat, it should come as no surprise that dragons play a significant role in Dark Arisen. One such monster devours your heart at the beginning of the game, but in the RPG hero style of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” despite your new chest cavity, you go on to battle creatures of all kinds, including many more dragons.


Like a video game about taming and cleaning up after dragons, Ark: Survival Evolved, dragons are not to be used as weapons of war. They can also be used for combat, although the ultimate goal is to tame and ride them. The PC version of How to Train Your Dragon is just what we were looking for. A single purple-and-orange beast that can only be seen by creating a Dragon Portal to the Dragon Arena was Ark’s only dragon when it was first released. You can only fight and kill the dragon in the main game, and only tame it with console commands. As a result of a new Scorched Earth DLC, there are countless extra dragons (really wyverns) that can be battled and tamed, and flown across the world.


In Monster Hunter World, you’ll find a wide variety of elder dragons. Dragons have appeared in the series before, but in MHW they are at their most stunning. Some of the biggest and most difficult battles you’ll face in Monster Hunter World’s open world are dragon fights, culminating in the ultimate battle against the elder dragon Xeno’jiiva. However, this is not the last dragon. Additionally, gamers will have to contend with the cold Velkhana and Namielle elder dragons when Monster Hunter World: Iceborne launches later this year. It’s also rare that a dragon game allows you to equip your ferocious opponents with an attractive piece of armor.


Gothic, like many sword-swinging fantasy RPGs on this list, features dragons. There are several dragon fights in Gothic 2 if you’re seeking an old-school choice. Gothic 2’s many dragon battles can be challenging even though they aren’t as large and grandiose as the other dragons on this list. Despite the fact that Gothic 3’s dragons aren’t exactly the house-sized beasts of other games, Gothic 3’s dragons are far more stunning or at least more dragon-like in their movements.

World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft’s third expansion, Cataclysm, the dragon Deathwing unleashed a wave of destruction across Azeroth in 2010. The Shattering, Deathwing’s return’s world-changing event, altered large swaths of the map and ecosystem. Naturally, Deathwing is the Cataclysm expansion’s last boss, battling players in an epic duel. Several years after the fact, you can humiliate Deathwing by riding a dragon in his likeness, so he knows who defeated him.

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