A new gameplay trailer shows Gotham Knights nerfing Nightwing’s mighty ass

A new gameplay trailer shows Gotham Knights nerfing Nightwing's mighty ass

Gameplay trailer shows Gotham Knights: The new Gotham Knights gameplay clip from Warner Bros. shows off Dick Grayson, nicknamed Nightwing, and Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, as they navigate and fight across Gotham City. In terms of visuals, the game appears to be…okay. Unfortunately, Gotham Knights appear to have degraded Grayson Grayson’s impressive physique, making it look flat in all of the games.

The fighting system in Gotham Knights is reminiscent of Batman: Arkham in its use of parries, dodges, and special blows. A similar navigation mechanism appears in the game, allowing you to travel cautiously from building to building to attain your goal while remaining undetected.

Each of the four playable characters in Gotham Knights has a distinct set of abilities, which makes the game incredibly diverse. Only Nightwing and Red Hood are shown in the trailer. That means that Batgirl and Robin will have to wait for a later release.

A new gameplay trailer shows Gotham Knights nerfing Nightwing's mighty ass

When Nightwing appears in the trailer, he is an acrobatic, close-range fighter who can use his Escrima Sticks to stun his opponents while executing rapid combos. He uses a glider to move around the city. Guns are far more powerful and audible long-range weapons for Red Hood, who punishes his enemies before they have a chance to get near to him. Jason uses the power of his soul to bounce through the air as he navigates the metropolis.

It showed how the two contrasting approaches to the game’s story missions stack up when you play Gotham Knights in two-player co-op, as well as how they work nicely together when you play solo.

Interestingly, the trailer also seems to imply that the Court of Owls is introduced very early in the tale of Gotham Knights—instead of revealing their involvement after a slow-burning mystery—and even shows what a battle against members of the group looks like.

There’s a glimpse of the Batcycle in the teaser, which appears to be a more refined version of the Arkham Knight Batmobile. Preordering Gotham Knights will earn you the 233 Kustom Batcycle skin for free, as shown in a subsequent teaser.

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