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PS5 Might Get Easier This Year

PS5 Might Get Easier This Year

PS5 Might Get Easier: Sales of the PlayStation 5 are expected to reach 18 million units in the current fiscal year, a significant increase, which may indicate that the supply problems are abating.

In 2022, if you’ve been hoping to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, this could be your year. Will some extent, Sony’s forecast for increased sales of PlayStation 5 consoles this fiscal year suggests that the firm expects chip shortages and other supply concerns to be alleviated, increasing the number of consoles available for purchase. However, there is no certainty.

When it comes to the fiscal year that began April 1 and runs through March 31, 2023, Sony expects to sell 18 million PS5 consoles, according to the company’s most recent investor briefing. “Current visibility into parts procurement” is what Sony used to arrive at this estimate.

Since the fiscal year concluded on March 31, 2022, Sony sold 11.5 million PS5 systems and 7.8 million PS5 consoles, respectively. In the current fiscal year, Sony expects to sell 60 percent more systems than it did in the previous fiscal year. Over the first three months of 2022, Sony has sold 2 million PS5 consoles, which is down from last year’s 3.3 million sales during the same time frame.

An average of 4.5 million a quarter is expected for the current fiscal year, which works out to an annual total of 18 million+. Sony sold 4.5 million PS5 consoles during Q3 of FY20 (October through December of 2020), which was the PS5’s best quarter ever. As a result, it appears as if Sony is confident in its ability to get more PS5s onto store shelves, making it easier for you to acquire one in the future despite any supply concerns that may still exist.

Some in the larger technology industry predict shortages could last beyond 2024 despite Sony’s optimism regarding supplies. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo recently stated that the prolonged chip scarcity has “no end in sight” for the video gaming industry. This fiscal year, Nintendo expects to sell just over 21 million Switch units, a drop from 23 million in the year ending March 31, 2022.

PS5 Might Get Easier This Year

In the event of a VGC-translated result, Sony CFO Hikori Totoki claimed that the company is “quite certain” that it will meet this target. However, he said that demand may still outpace supply at this point.

“We are certain that we will be able to supply the parts and components for at least 18 million devices in FY22,” Totoki added. In our opinion, we’re still a little short of the demand, so if the question is whether or not we can satisfy it, I think we’re still short. There is an extremely limited supply of PS5s, according to Totoki, who said Sony had initially projected to sell 22.6 million PS5s by this point in the console’s lifespan. Due to “constraints” in the market regarding components, the corporation had to lower its goal.

Since its November 2020 launch, Sony has sold over 19 million PS5 consoles.

Despite the PS5’s limited supply, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consistently outsell it in the US in terms of units sold and cash generated. For some reason, Xboxes and Switches are considerably more readily available. Despite Sony’s optimistic sales predictions for the current fiscal year, you shouldn’t count on being able to go into a store and pick up a PS5 anytime soon.

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