Hearthstone newest mini-set arrives next week

Hearthstone newest mini-set arrives next week

Hearthstone(opens in a new tab) will receive a new mini-set on June 1 as part of the game’s next big update. Four legendary, one epic, fourteen uncommon, and sixteen common cards will be included in the Throne of the Tides mini-set, which may be found in packs of Voyage to the Sunken City(opens in new tab) cards or purchased in standard or Golden sets.

According to Blizzard, “power and subterfuge” are required in the battle for the Throne of the Tides. In addition to the new Colossal minions and Sunken City synergies, this Mini-Set also contains potent disruption tools and an adorable Elemental!

The single mini-set costs $15 or 2,000 gold, while the all-Golden edition costs $70. You’ll get 66 cards in total, including one of each legendary and two copies of every other card. While we wait for the new cards to be published on the official Hearthstone Twitter account in the coming days, we thought we’d tease you with some beautiful concept art:

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