Euro Truck Simulator 2 Heart of Russia DLC has been canceled

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Heart of Russia DLC has been canceled

Euro Truck Simulator 2: When the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine in February, Euro Truck Simulator 2 creator SCS Software was just weeks away from finishing the Heart of Russia DLC. To avoid appearing to support Russia’s position in the fight, it has chosen to cancel the expansion in the wake of the war.

“6-8 weeks” is SCS Software’s estimate for when the Heart of Russia map expansion will be released for their popular simulator game. According to the developers, “We all felt pretty satisfied with the result; a lot of effort had been done to make this new region appear absolutely wonderful in the game,” they wrote. The Russian community, in particular, “would really like that,” we were certain.

The firm rushed to create a Ukraine charity DLC to help Ukrainians fleeing the conflict, and the Ukrainian paint jobs DLC has sold roughly 85,000 copies so far.

This was a difficult decision for the studio, but they decided to go through with the Heart of Russia DLC.

We strive to keep our games as apolitical as possible, protecting our worldwide player audience from the day-to-day controversies of the world around us,” the company claims. Rather than allowing anything controversial to split us apart, we prefer the thought that our shared enthusiasm for truck simulations lets individuals connect, visit a neighboring country virtually in peace, and enjoy a sport that we all share.”

As a result, SCS Software has decided against releasing Heart of Russia. In order to avoid any perception that we are supporting or tolerating the attack, we decided to hold off on releasing our DLC, Heart of Russia, in order to protect the suffering of the Russian people.

In time, the studio argues, the expansion may be made available, but only after the war has ended and Ukraine has begun to recover from its costly conflict.

We will do everything we can to make sure that our Heart of Russia DLC contributes in some little manner to Ukraine’s eventual recovery and rebuilding, according to the firm.

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