The Minecraft frogs used to eat goats

Minecraft frogs used to eat goats

Minecraft frogs used to eat goats: When Minecraft’s The Wild update is released, players will be able to meet the noble frog. As of Minecraft Live 2021, the sandbox game’s frogs exist in a variety of forms, including a short-lived one that once ate goats, among other things.

It all began as an experiment with goat-eating frogs. Mojang had to figure up a way to persuade frogs to eat stuff, as vanilla gameplay developer Alexander Eastman describes in the newest post on the official site. A new mob’s diet can be programmed into frogs, but the original ones were hard-coded so that they just ate slime, but the man explains that they had to figure out how to make the eating behavior changeable.

Eastman stated he designed frogs able to devour goats “because I thought it’d be humorous” as a test of this new behavior. The frogs hopped around and ate any goats they came across, much to the joy of everyone in the studio (except, maybe, for the goats).

To make matters worse, when it came time to launch the first beta of the Minecraft frog, man-made an important blunder: he neglected to tell the frogs to eat goats. man and his crew slept soundly in Sweden when the beta was released, and the Minecraft community seemed to enjoy it.

During this time, the new frogs’ hideous eating habits were discovered by Minecrafters. Videos with titles like “Frog eats an entire goat” appeared on the internet. On the next day, Eastman was overcome with a mixture of emotions after seeing what had happened. “I literally fell off my chair laughing, I was SO humiliated, but it was simply hilarious,” he says.

Despite the fact that Eastman claims he immediately fixed the error, players have begged him to bring it back. The “goat-eating frog” is still being tagged to him to this day, he says. There is a “internal joke” in our team about it.

Originally, frogs were designed to consume fireflies, but the Minecraft community pointed out that these can be deadly to real-world frogs, Eastman claims. We’ve been advised that slimes are a lot safer source of sustenance for the small amphibians now.

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