This mod adds giant rat companions with stripes to Skyrim

This mod adds giant rat companions with stripes to Skyrim

giant rat: The fact that we’ve already established that we’re big lovers of rats in videogames and Skyrim mods is not a secret around these parts. Hence, the excitement over this new Skyrim mod, which introduces enormous rat characters to the role-playing game. Not just any rats, mind you; there are many different exotic patterns to choose from.

This mod by gg77 adds a slew of new gigantic rat companions to Skyrim, all of which are playable. White and black rats aren’t the only color options for these designer rats; they also come in tiger-striped, zebra-striped, and ocelot-patterned varieties. They do, however, only come in one size: extra large.

The rat companion can be obtained in Whiterun by visiting Hulda at the Bannered Mare or Belethor at the General Goods store after the mod is loaded. What do you do with the scroll? You just throw it to the ground. Skyrim’s deepest tombs and highest mountain peaks will soon be yours to explore with your faithful rat companion.

Only one enormous rat can accompany you at any given moment. In order to switch rats, you’ll first need to get rid of your present pet.

As a sidekick for those who have experimented with the immersive rejections mod, these enormous rats may be just what the doctor ordered.

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