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Stardew Valley now offers Shrek

Stardew Valley now offers Shrek

Stardew Valley now offers Shrek: The motion pictures in Stardew Valley are great, charming, and all-around made – however can we just be real for a minute, they’re not Shrek. Well, when you’ve gone to all that work – finishing the local area updates, tracking down the Missing Bundle, dropping a cool 1000G on a ticket – you need to see something great. Truth be told, you need something… Spectacular.

Well presently, because of another mod by possible virtuoso Cofee0001, at whatever point you head out to the Stardew Valley cinema there is a solid metal, radiant green assurance of value, as it will show the first (and best) Shrek film.

It’s not the full film completely – that would be unlawful or on the other hand, assuming you like, “disreshrekful”. However, this affectionately organized slideshow of low-res PNGs, extended high and wide on the rear of the Joja Warehouse, actually has the ability to stun, unnerve and amuse very much like its full-length namesake. We won’t over-indulge it for you, yet Shrek in Stardew Valley contains something of a turn. It’s Shrek as you’ve seen him previously, and afterward, Shrek as you’ll most likely at no point ever have the option to unsee him in the future.

The mod is accessible to download free of charge and could really bring a certifiable, mechanical advantage to your Stardew Valley game. On the off chance that you purchase two tickets at the cinema and present one to a companion (making sure to do it around the same time, or probably it lapses) then, at that point, they will come and see the film with you, and on the off chance that this is how things have been can support your relationship by 100 or 200 Friendship Points.

We haven’t attempted every one of the mixes yet, yet it’s probably the case that every one of your companions in Stardew Valley will cherish Shrek. This is the sort of film that can transform passing colleagues into cherishing associates. Either that or damage them forever.

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