Ark 2 promises Dark Souls-like combat, a “cross-platform” mod support

Ark 2 promises Dark Souls-like combat, a “cross-platform” mod support

Ark 2 promises Dark Souls: More details about Ark 2’s combat and “revolutionary cross-platform modding” were disclosed at Summer Games Fest by the game’s developer Studio Wildcard.

Even though we haven’t seen any gameplay yet, Studio Wildcard describes Ark 2 as a third-person melee action game in the vein of From Software’s Elden Ring and Dark Souls series. As with the first Ark, combat will be based on blocks, staggers, and special attacks as well as the ability to lock on to and track targets. In Ark 2, however, you’ll be able to slide, swing, free climb, and parkour your way around the game’s alien world like Santiago, voiced and performed by Vin Diesel. This suggests more of an Assassin’s Creed or Uncharted feel.

Additionally, you’ll be able to install modifications, which may change anything from monster designs to weaponry to map layouts, no matter what platform you’re playing on. Stackable mod support in Ark 2 will allow Xbox and console gamers to customize their game in the same way they could on a PC. As Mr. Diesel loves to remind us, it’s all about family. Sharing modifications across platforms should bring the Ark community closer together than ever.

Arata, a new PvE antagonist like Santiago, may tame dinosaurs and other wild creatures for use in warfare in Ark 2, as well as crafting and dynamic world events that vary the terrain and tempo of play. In principle, Ark 2 allows you to take on the role of Vin Diesel and engage in T-Rex vs alien warlord combat. In the abstract, we’re enthralled.

This new Ark: Survival Evolved also seems like a fun spin on the original Ark. Ark 2 appears to have a more emphasis on physical fighting and a third-person perspective than the first did, with gunfights and first-person views dominating most of the action.

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