Elden Ring update 1.05 solves a mystery about jar village

Elden Ring update 1.05 solves a mystery about jar village

Elden Ring update 1.05: New Elden Ring 1.05 arrives after a long wait. It brings several much-welcomed changes, such as shifting Ball Bearings to New Game Plus and bringing back the desktop option, but 1.05 also resolves a strange mystery surrounding Harburg.

For the popular RPG, Elden Ring, the 1.05 patch notes offer a wealth of new fixes and additions. Players on PC will be thrilled to learn about a new option in-game that lets them exit without having to exit and return to the main menu. The majority of Ball Bearings, which open up additional shop options with the Twin Maiden Husks, will now be transferred to your New Game Plus run, so you won’t have to collect them again.

As with past patches, there are a lot of fantastic repairs and additions, but also hidden alterations. One of them has already been excavated by players, putting an end to the mystery surrounding the path to Jarburg on the map.

A hidden settlement of jar-people known as Jarburg is to the east of Lithuania, the Lakes, and may only be accessed by descending a cliff near Carian Study Hall. Even before Elden Ring was released, the map depicted a route to Jarburg that ran parallel to the study hall but was later removed from the map. Patch 1.05.0 has deleted this route from the map.

However, it appears that the strange route was either a mistake or a remnant from a previous map when Jarburg could be reached more easily. How did those jars get there in the first place, anyway?

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