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Elden Ring mod The Convergence next best thing to official DLC

Elden Ring mod The Convergence next best thing to official DLC

Elden Ring mod The Convergence: Elden Ring The Convergence, an unauthorized expansion for the action RPG, is currently in production. While its developer has given few suggestions about what to anticipate, if their previous effort, Dark Souls 3 The Convergence, is any indication, there’s a lot to look forward to. New weaponry and monsters, huge redesigns of crucial sections, and even significant changes to established systems like the covenant system are all included in Convergence. Positive player reactions followed the news, with many players expressing surprise and delight that such a project was taking place.

While some humorously suggested that the modder merely remove Melania to make the game ideal, the majority of players were happy to have something new to look forward to in the absence of the Elden Ring DLC pack.

Rebalancing every weapon in Dark Souls 3 The Convergence is one of the game’s greatest accomplishments. It’s no surprise that there are so many Elden Ring Nexusmods that do the same thing for many weapons in FromSoft’s open-world RPG. It appears like FromSoftware is satisfied to leave the game’s PvE and PvP combat as-is for the time being since the current Elden Ring patch includes absolutely no mention of weapon adjustments.

Magic was redesigned in the previous patch, with new spells and playstyles included for each subclass, as well as all-new enemies. There aren’t many bosses in Elden Ring yet, but players have complained that the standard foes are too repetitious, so there’s lots of space for improvement elsewhere.

Fans of Convergence appear particularly excited about the potential of further exploration of The Lands Between. In place of official DLC, one player thought Elden Ring The Convergence would unlock parts of the map’s closed-off sections, while another hoped they might finally explore Erdtree and learn more about The Greater Will.

The Ring of Elden Our wait for additional information on Convergence is likely to be a long one, as the development is only beginning. For the time being, we’ll have to make do with the already existing Elden Ring modifications and watch Godrick once more complete the game on his own.

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