New STALKER 2 trailer is a callback to the first game

New STALKER 2 trailer is a callback to the first game

New STALKER 2 trailer: Like the first STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, a new STALKER 2 teaser portrays a bumpy voyage into the Zone on the back of a truck.

New STALKER 2 trailers bring back memories of the first survival FPS game for fans of the sequel. “Enter the Zone” takes us on a rough trip into the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone on the back of a speeding military vehicle, much as in the first game in 2007.

The continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine has severely disrupted the Kyiv-based GSC Game World developer. Since the beginning of the conflict, numerous GSC employees have been interviewed in the current dev diary, including one who lives in a corridor and another who is still waiting to hear from loved ones in Mariupol.

When it comes to making STALKER 2, GSC claims it has “become even more monumental and symbolic” for the company, and that commitment can be heard in the new trailer’s narration. A character rhetorically says, “Tell me, do you want our grandchildren to remember us as cowards?” “Or those who risked their lives in the search for a better future?”

Here’s the latest trailer, which depicts an unconscious person riding in the back of a truck on a hard and tragic journey into the Zone.

However, GSC Game World insists that despite the difficulties imposed by the invasion, it is still committed to completing STALKER 2. In the meanwhile, the game’s creators urge fans to donate to Ukraine’s relief efforts.

If you’re planning on playing STALKER 2 when it comes out next year, be sure to check out the system requirements that were just disclosed.

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