Valorant Episode 5 Release Date and New map Pearl Announced

Valorant Episode 5 Release Date and New map Pearl Announced

Valorant Episode 5 Release Date: Riot Games has unveiled the Valorant Episode 5 release date, which brings new terrain Pearl to the FPS game along with a battle pass and the Prelude to Chaos cosmetic line.

Riot Games has released the Valorant Episode 5 release date — the update brings a new map, Pearl, to the FPS game plus a brand-new skin line named ‘Prelude to Chaos’ and a fresh battle pass. The new map, Pearl, is the game’s eighth and the first to be set on Omega Earth. It’s a plain, no-frills map with considerable Portuguese influence that’s also set underwater. Valiant Episode 5 — named ‘Dimension’ – goes up on June 22 with Act 1.

“Since Pearl takes place on Omega Earth,” adds art lead Brian Yam, “we wanted to investigate how the Omega Kingdom would tackle climate change and how we would represent this notion aesthetically. The notion of displaying the sustainment of cities underwater appeared to be the correct visual approach that everyone was thrilled about.” Pearl also incorporates paintings painted by authentic Portuguese muralists and a traditional piece of music by Portuguese artists.

The new map has been meant to keep things a little more basic – Pearl is a three lane map with small, mid, and long-range wings, but no movement tools. Level Designer Joe Lansford explains, “After Icebox, Breeze, and Fracture, we wanted to design a level that was a bit more basic. Pearl demands dedicated engagements, without the rotation and movement support of doors, ascenders, and teleporters – what you get is something deceptively basic, strategically speaking.”

If you’re wondering what this implies for the game’s competitive map pool, the answer is simple: the team has opted to rotate Split out of the competitive and unrated queue pools on June 22 in order to retain a seven map selection. Lansford explains, “Last year, we were extremely happy to get to seven maps because it meant tournament best-of-fives could have two map bans without any repeat picks.” Pearl will enter the competitive queue on July 12, while esports events will see the rotation happen after LCQs in August to allow pro players a bit more time to acclimatize to the new map.

Riot says it thinks that seven maps are a perfect place that gives a balance between variation and expertise, without forcing players to memorize too many maps. The team claims it looked at the player sentiment, time since release, upcoming improvements, what maps provide in terms of strategic diversity, and where Pearl fits into the map rotation, before reaching its choice. Lansford says, “We swear we are not picking on Split – we’re very sure it will come returning someday in the future nevertheless. Maybe even with some tweaks?”

Episode 5 Act 1 also sees the release of a new battle pass, which will cost 1,000 VP and contains the normal assortment of skins, player cards, sprays, and gun friends. Also joining is the new ‘Prelude to Chaos’ skyline. This is a dark, sci-fi-themed set that principal artist Chris ‘fragloser’ Stone says is inspired by his love for classic arena shooters such as Quake III, Half-Life, and Unreal Tournament 99, citing his “nostalgia for the industrial, heavy shapes mixed with potent and often unstable energy sources” found in those games.

Associate art director Sean Marino adds, “A lot of people appreciated the Reaver skins but we didn’t have a sci-fi skin that nailed the same gloomy tone as Reaver. We genuinely questioned ourselves, ‘what would edgelords who adore sci-fi want in a skin? What would it feel like to kill a demon?’” Lead cosmetics producer Preeti Khanolkar says, “We want all skins to feel strong no matter their design, but with Prelude to Chaos we specifically wanted to tap into the concept of being utterly unstoppable, like a force of pure chaos and destruction.”

Riot just declared that it had fixed Valorant’s map variety problem, so we’ll see how the arrival of Pearl impacts this. We’ve got the finest Valorant settings for FPS and low latency as well as a Valorant agents tier list if you’re diving into Episode 5 for yourself. If you haven’t played yet, all Valorant agents are heading to Gamepass, so there’s no better time to test it out for yourself.

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