A Guide to Craft Ark Sanguine Elixirs

A Guide to Craft Ark Sanguine Elixirs

Craft: In order to control the numerous various animals that populate Fjordur, you must first create the Ark Sanguine Elixir.

Is the Ark Sanguine Elixir’s recipe isn’t clear to you? For a while, Fjordur was just one of the numerous Ark modifications out there, but it’s since grown into something far more substantial. The Sanguine Elixir comes in helpful when you have to tame more creatures, and more creatures mean more taming opportunities.

You must first tame an Ark Desmodus in order to begin making the Sanguine Elixir. These vicious, blood-sucking vampire bats will surely put you through your paces. If this is your first time dealing with a Desmodus, you’ll be glad to have our detailed advice on how to do so.

Detailed instructions for making Ark Sanguine Elixir were provided.

The Desmodus Saddle may be crafted in the Refining Forge if you’ve successfully wrestled one under your control.

Make an Ark Sanguine Elixir after your Desmodus is ready to ride. Let’s face it: You haven’t gone through the bother of taming a Desmodus simply to employ a sluggish and difficult way of extracting blood. Take to the sky and use your Desmodus to rapidly and efficiently obtain Blood Packs from other monsters. The Sanguine Elixir recipe will be available from the Consumables menu when you’ve gathered 200 Blood Packs.

The Sanguine Elixir increases the time it takes to tame an unconscious beast by 30% after being consumed. There’s also a 30% increase in baby imprint progress with Ark Sanguine Elixir, but keep in mind that it only affects a single creature, so don’t waste your hard-earned elixir trying to hurry things up even more.

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