The Ark Desmodus: spawn locations, controls, and taming instructions

The Ark Desmodus: spawn locations, controls, and taming instructions

Ark Desmodus’s spawn sites and controls, as well as the finest taming techniques, are all covered in this comprehensive guide.

So, you’re interested in training an Ark Desmodus to your will? The deadly flying dinosaur was included in the free Fjordur update to the survival game and is regarded as one of the best Ark dinos you can tame. The Desmodus is most known for its capacity to create Sanguine Elixirs, but it also has a slew of additional advantages, so snagging one of these bat-like creatures should be a top goal.

Is it possible to tame an Ark Desmodus? Where do they come from? And how on earth are you supposed to fly this contraption? Do not be alarmed; this guide will provide you with all the necessary information. You’re going to need a lot of blood packs, that much is certain. As an alternative, if you’ve had enough of the Desmodus, check out some of the finest Ark modifications.

The best places to find Ark Desmodus

At 37.7/74.9, Raasclark offers a cave beneath a waterfall on the new Fjordur map where the Desmodus may be found in plenty.

Desmodus spawns may be found all across Fjordur’s large island, particularly in the lower-left corner, as well as on a few smaller islands.

A guide to mastering the Ark Desmodus

Desmodus taming is easy compared to some of the more difficult Ark dinosaurs, but patience and time are required. To begin the taming process, irritate a Desmodus and flee, but allow it to pick you up and carry you about.

However, as the Desmodus carries you, your health is depleted. You’ll run out of taming time if you don’t prepare ahead of time. By the time you reach the conclusion, your taming efficiency will be less than half of what it was at the beginning. The following steps will help you become an expert Desmodus tame:

Ample blood packets should be in your arsenal. In the past, we’ve heard that it’s possible to get by with just 80, but most people recommend at least 200 for safety. Having blood packets on hand will let you survive long enough to finish the taming of a Moschops armed with them. Giving the Desmodus free reign over this sacrificial dino-lamb ensures that the taming process will be as effective as possible.

The procedure must be completed without interruption by other Desmodi.
Make sure you’re taming your selected Desmodus inside a cave to avoid losing it mid-taming, which is another subtlety you may use. In order to retain the best level of efficiency possible, it may be necessary to take a break and give it another dose of Moschops before returning to the taming process, following which you may resume the procedure once again.

We recommend watching Rassclark’s video on the topic if you want to witness this method in action:

In charge of Ark Desmodus is

You’ve managed to domesticate a Desmodus. Well done. To be honest, I don’t think you’ll be able to resist learning how to fly it. Like other fliers, you’ll use the same fundamental controls:

(Mount/Dismount) E
To take off or land, use space; to slow down, press X.

You may also use your left click to perform a basic attack/primary fire. It’s also important to remember the following Desmodus-specific controls:

To secure oneself to a wall or a ceiling, press space while standing near to it or it.

An echolocation ability that puts out a soundwave and then illuminates any surrounding critters with a red-pulsating circle will be activated by pressing and holding the left mouse button.
Picks up little animals with a right-click. Your left-click may be used to assault them in mid-air.

Turn invisible using a right-click (hold). If you’re tied to a wall or ceiling, you may do this at any time of day or night, but only if you’re flying.

They also have an inherent ability to make a Sanguine Elixir from 200 blood packets. Desmodus will make blood packs every time they fight a monster, so if the notion of gathering that much blood scares you, we’ve got some good news for you. Days of blood packets!

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To sum up, the Ark of Desmodus has everything you could ever want to know. Now that Ark 2 has been revealed, you can find out more about it in our guide to Ark admin commands and other Ark-related news.

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