Destiny 2 Legendary Lost Sector Today’s rewards and how to complete it

Destiny 2 Legendary Lost Sector Today's rewards and how to complete it

Destiny 2 Legendary Lost Sector: Destiny 2’s Legendary Lost Sectors may be exploited to get rare armor. We’ve put up a detailed walkthrough of today’s Legendary Lost Sector and the prizes you’ll receive if you accomplish it on your own.

It is possible to farm certain loots in a variety of ways in Destiny 2. Players may farm for specialized exotic armor in the game using the Legendary and Master Lost Sectors.
5 PM UTC / 10 AM PT is the daily reset time for the Legendary Lost sector. Details on today’s Legendary Lost sector, treasure you may farm, and how to solo-complete it are provided below.

Destiny 2’s legendary Lost Sectors and prizes

Destiny 2’s K1 Revelations in the Moon is today’s featured Legendary Lost location. This is one of the shortest and easiest lost sectors you’ll experience this week, as well as the quickest.

The following rare chest pieces may be found in today’s Legendary Lost sector:

The Omni-Case (Hunter)
Falling Star Cuirass: HoarFrost-Z (Titan)
The Battle Harmony Mantle (Warlock)

Destiny 2’s Legendary Lost Sector Solo Guide

Today’s Legendary Lost Sector has a Barrier and an Unstoppable Champion. Having weapons that can stun Barrier (Pulse Rifle) and Unstoppable (Glaive/Scout Rifle) Champions in your arsenal is a must.

When you encounter Acolytes (the red bar foes) in today’s Legendary Lost Sector, they’ll produce fire pools that hurt you over time.

Using the Graviton Lance Exotic Pulse Rifle in today’s Legendary Lost Sector is essential. Because of its Cosmology attribute, you’ll have little trouble dealing with hordes of red bar foes as well as stopping Unstoppable Champions. The Graviton Lance will deal more damage today since the Burn is Void.

Seasonal chest armor mod “Armor of the Dying Star” is recommended for reducing solar and void damage from enemies.

Once the Void subclass has been activated in your character’s subclass selection menu, we recommend that you use Classy Restoration instead of the Revitalizing Blast class item mod.

Legendary Lost Sector Rotation this week in Destiny 2 (16th June – 21st June)


Lost Sector

Armor Type

17th June 2022

K1 Revelation (Moon)


18th June 2022

K1 Communion (Moon)


19th June 2022

The Conflux (Nessus)


20th June 2022

Metamorphosis (Savathun’s Throne Wold)


21st June 2022

Sepulcher (Savathun’s Throne World)


22nd June 2022

Extraction (Savathun’s Throne World)



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