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The Valorous Prelude to Chaos Bundle – Release Date, Price, Skins

The Valorous Prelude to Chaos Bundle - Release Date, Price, Skins

Valorous Prelude to Chaos Bundle: There will be a new skin line, Prelude to Chaos, coming to Valorant shortly, and here are all the facts you need to know about it.

Pearl, a new map, has been added to the Valiant Episode 5 Act 1 pool, while Split has been removed from the competitive and unrated queues. In addition, there will be a new combat pass with bright new cosmetics.
Additionally, Riot has announced a new skin line dubbed Prelude to Chaos, which players can purchase in the Valiant in-game store. Here is the release date, the price, and the skins that come with it.

Date and cost of the Prelude to Chaos package

Episode 5: Act 1 of the Battle Pass will be on sale on June 22nd, and the Prelude to Chaos skyline will be available at the same time. It will cost you 8700 VP, which varies by area and amounts to about $80 to $90.

Electric animations and a purple and black sci-fi motif with a golden undertone are included in this package.

Associate Art Director Sean Marino explained, “We observed that many gamers appreciated the Reaver skins but we didn’t have a sci-fi skin that nailed the same gloomy tone as Reaver.”

Pack of skins called “Prelude to Chaos”

The skins included in the package are Melee, Operator, Shorty, Stinger, and Vandal.

Chaos Stinger Stinger is a prelude to

Shorty is a prelude to the Chaos Stinger

Stinger Vandal’s Prelude to Chaos

Prelude to the Operator of Chaos Stinger

Prelude to the Melee of the Chaos Stinger

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