Raven won’t let you edit Warzone load outs anymore – again

Raven won’t let you edit Warzone load outs anymore – again

Warzone load outs: There’s a reason why you can no longer alter Warzone loadouts, but what that reason is and why it’s there remains a mystery.

For some reason, it just feels like yesterday when Raven Software took away the pre-match lobby’s editing option for Warzone loadouts to solve a possibly game-breaking bug. People aren’t happy about Raven’s announcement on Twitter that they can no longer alter their loadouts if they’re at a party with someone else. It was speculated that Raven was trying to prevent players from abusing a recent issue that allowed users to place camos from Cold War and Vanguard on Modern Warfare guns, although he didn’t exactly give a reason for doing so.

Call of Duty designers, such as JGOD, stated that the flaw should be permanent because the games appear to identify camouflage and other unlockables with no problem. Despite the fact that it’s a minor issue, one user pointed out that it’s not the only one.

Cheaters are spawning into matches with complete loadouts or perks they shouldn’t be allowed to utilize, according to Twitter user 2JZelo. Since the studio has declined to comment, it’s impossible to know for sure if this is the true motivation behind Raven’s behavior. However, it would make sense if it were. This feature was deactivated by Raven shortly after it was initially introduced in 2021 because of widespread abuse by players seeking free camos and exploits by exploiting the same flaw.

For those who haven’t been able to alter their load-outs between matches, Raven quickly re-implemented the feature.

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