Conflict 3048 Download PC Free Game

Conflict 3048 Download PC Free Game

Conflict 3048 Download PC Free Game: Real-time strategy game Conflict 3048. Classic RTS gameplay may be found in Indi-Title. In this game, you’ll dig for materials, construct a base, guard the main structure, and eliminate enemies and their equipment using unique structures. The region has to be scouted by large groups of soldiers. In addition, you must engage in combat with the opposing army and demolish enemy-owned structures. A mini-map lets you keep an eye on the big picture while you’re out in the field. Indi-Project is primarily intended for use by a single person. It has a mission-driven campaign. Briefings between activities are used to tell the story. The entire process is timed. Players gain extra points for completing certain tasks more quickly.

Modding opportunities are many in Conflict 3048. The ability to write custom scripts and triggers is provided via the game’s local editor. Users may design their own units and customise their sounds and aesthetics. The C# programming language may also be used by players to repaint the interface and write their own code. As mankind begin to explore space in the far future, this story takes place. There is an intergalactic battle taking place between space military and aliens who look like those from the “Alien” film series. Users are fighting for the greater good. There are a variety of mechs, fighters, and spacesuit-clad soldiers available as starting troops.

Conflict 3048 Download PC  Free Game

Conflict 3048 Download PC Free Game

Release: 2022
Developer: Matt Lloyd

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Graphics: Geforce GTX 660
Memory: 2 Gb
Storage: 500 Mb

Game Version: Full Last Release

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