To meet the Steam Deck release date in Q3, Valve is doubling shipments

 Steam Deck release date in Q3: The new Steam Deck delivery date is near, and Valve is in a better position to get the portable PC out faster with twice as many shipments. /

You may be closer to your Steam Deck release date than you realize. For those who have been waiting for the third quarter alone, it appears that you won’t have to wait until autumn after all. According to a tweet from Valve, reservations for the third quarter will begin going out on June 30 and the Steam creator anticipates order fulfillment times to be greatly reduced. Due to Valve’s increased production capacity, the company expects to distribute twice as many Steam Decks every week as it did when the platform started.

Once June 30th arrives, be sure to check your inboxes and other folders for any messages that may have been missed. Some Steam Deck reservation emails ended up in spam folders, according to those who received them. In the event, you forget to react, or if life gets in the way, Valve gives a “few days” grace period when you may contact Steam support and reaffirm your desire to acquire the Steam Deck.

Also, if you haven’t received your Steam Deck email from June or haven’t received your Q3 reservation email on June 30, please wait a few days and keep an eye on the status of your reservation.

As soon as you get your hands on a Steam Deck, you’ll be able to play RPGs like Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Here are some of the top SD cards and docks for the Stream Deck to help you get started with your storage needs.

And if you’re still not convinced, remember that Valve is almost certainly already working on Steam Deck 2 for a future release.

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