Learn How to upgrade your PS5 or PC with the M480 Play SSD

Learn How to upgrade your PS5 or PC with the M480 Play SSD

 upgrade your PS5: Thanks to MSI’s ready-to-play SSDs, upgrading your hardware, from PS5s to gaming PCs, has never been easier. to get updated, here’s the information you need.

When it comes to gaming, even if you’re utilizing the largest MSI SSD, you’re going to run against what we like to term the “not enough storage” barrier. Storage capacity is one of the most important factors in the realm of gaming, given how frequently we use and abuse our computers.

Everyday use can rapidly start to weigh down your PC, thus hurting the quality and quantity of your gaming experience unless you’ve constructed your own and spent no money. Slow development of memory-hogging files might bottleneck your loading times and jeopardize your gaming speeds even if you’re careful with your downloads and stick to physical versions (which will still require installation).

The only major drawback to loading up games on the PS5 is the device’s limited internal memory, which may be overcome by avoiding procrastination and saving money. Apart from gaming, Sony’s best-selling system in recent generations has also served as a media hub for streaming video and other media, including applications and social networks. This is excellent, but it’ll suck up your valuable SSD space in only a few months.

Fortunately, a simple workaround exists, making it ideal for those just getting started. As soon as feasible, update your PC and PlayStation 5 SSD. If you believe it’s difficult, it isn’t.

What’s the point of upgrading?

Despite the fact that there are a plethora of fantastic games to choose from, the size of PC game files is increasing at an exponential rate. There are other digital stores, like Epic and Steam, that provide sales on any game imaginable as well as a complete digital library solution. The more RAM you use, the less responsive such games will become.

If you don’t already know, the PS5’s game catalog was bursting at the seams with new, intriguing, and beautiful titles when it launched, and it has only grown since then. Choosing the next game to play is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more must-play titles are published on a monthly basis.

As with a PC, you may customize the PS5 to meet your needs. It is now conceivable for a beginner to put a new SSD into a PS5 as well, despite the fact that PCs have become more modular.

Finally, the most exciting part. It is possible to use the same SSDs to update your PC and PlayStation 5.

What is the best SSD for you?

Within reason, you may do whatever you want, but the PS5 requires a PCIe gen4x4 M.2 NVMe M.2 SSD with a storage range of 250GB to 4TB, and a maximum speed of 5500MB/s. As if all of that wasn’t enough, MSI’s Spatium M480 Play is one of the simplest to use and install on both PC and console, making it an excellent choice for gamers.

A built-in aluminum heatsink keeps the Spatium M480 Play series’ storage capacities, which vary from 500GB to 4TB, cool under high pressure. Oh, and the PS5 is very well ready to go.

PS5-compatible SSDs are clearly labeled on the digital shelves, making it easy to choose one that will work with your system. There are a few extra considerations with gaming PCs, such as making sure the drive’s size and connectivity are correct (you don’t want to wind up with a SATA M.2 when you might have an NVMe). In addition, it’s a good idea to look at the generation. Even though PCIe 4.0 cards may be plugged into 3.0 slots without any issues, the point here is to acquire the quickest possible drive.

How to put it on a computer

Installing an SSD in your PC shouldn’t be too difficult, especially with the Spatium M480 Play, assuming you’ve read the notice regarding compatibility above.

Make sure your data is backed up first by downloading MSI Centre. Turn off and unplug when you’re confident that nothing will be erased. There may be a slot available on your computer, in which case you may just pop up the lid and slide the SSD into place; you may need to attach it with a screw.

MSI’s 5-year guarantee on their SSDs makes upgrading with them a good idea in general. Also compatible with MSI Centre, so you can keep your data safe and migrate files easily with real-time performance analytics and deep health checks to keep your data safe.

Installing PlayStation 5

Power off your PS5 and all peripherals after installing the most recent software. Lift the rear panel with a screwdriver while the logo side is facing down (the one without a logo). Installing a spacer in a 2280-length drive requires the removal of two screws that secure an expansion slot cover and the spacer, which can then be placed into the area marked “80” in order to fit the MSI SpatiumM480 Play.

The heatsink is facing up, so simply slide the SSD in and attach it with the screw. PS5 can be booted up with new hardware confirmed after re-securing and re-popping the back cover back on.

Using the PS5’s on-screen instructions, you should be able to format and configure the new SSD as the default drive at this point. That’s it, isn’t it? Your PS5 should be able to handle any game you throw at it when it has been updated.

No matter if you’re updating your gaming PC or simply expanding your PS5 storage, the MSI Spatium M480 Play is an excellent choice. It’s easy to set up, runs well, and can save up to 4GB of games, so you won’t have to constantly transfer them between your hard drive and the cloud for a long time. The Spatium M480 Play can expand your gaming rig’s storage capacity.

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