‘World of Warcraft’ dataminer reveals new mount for Dragonflight murlocs

'World of Warcraft' dataminer reveals new mount for Dragonflight murlocs

Dragonflight monsters in World of Warcraft have the potential to spawn a new, enhanced Murloc mount, or Wen Lo himself might arrive as a subscription reward with it. Both possibilities are possible.

World of Warcraft’s upcoming Dragonflight expansion’s boss fight may provide players with a new mount: a Murloc.

When discussing World of Warcraft, murlocs are constantly mentioned. In the MMO world, murlocs are one of the most adored and loathed creatures. Murky, Grommloc, Gurgl, Grunty, Lurky, Muggle, Murkalot, Murkidan — I could go on and on about in-game Murloc-themed products, but I’m getting acid reflux.

Murkastrasza, the newest Murloc pet introduced in the Dragonflight expansion, may no longer be the exclusive pre-order gift, according to data miner Martin Benjamins.

In the shop texture for Murkastrasza, Benjamins discovered that a Murloc-like creature bears a palanquin that appears to be exactly proportioned to the buttocks of a heroic adventurer. It’s obvious that this mount was never going to be included in the pre-order package if it ever was. If this and Murkastrasza were meant to be a BlizzConOnline award, they were divided and repurposed after the event was canceled. Benjamins speculates on this.

'World of Warcraft' dataminer reveals new mount for Dragonflight murlocs

Blizzard likes to use every part of the buffalo, so this Hulk Murloc is sure to be up someplace else in the future, but where? It might be a rare drop from a new Dragonflight boss or a faction prize, following in the footsteps of Wen Lo and the Sapphire Skyblazer as the newest six-month membership reward mount.

In-game mounts that may be obtained in-game are sure to excite senior gamers who remember a period when a complete collection of horses didn’t cost hundreds of pounds to acquire. If you’re nostalgic for a more carefree era, you might enjoy reading about the impending Wrath of the Lich King Classic’s planned adjustments. Watch this area for additional information about the next expansion of Dragonflight.

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