Next Battlefield will have a single player campaign

Next Battlefield will have a single player campaign

Next Battlefield: The design director for “a new Battlefield campaign” is sought by EA in a job posting placed on the company’s website.

After a few stuttering months in the wild, Battlefield 2042 now appears to be finding its footing with the release of season 1. In the meanwhile, it appears that EA’s foray into making purely multiplayer-focused Battlefield games will be put on pause while it seeks a director for the next Battlefield single-player campaign.

EA is looking for a design director for the new Battlefield Seattle team, helmed by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, on their employment site. As of 2021, Lehto has been hired by EA with the sole purpose of enhancing the story of Battlefield.

The design director’s role will be “to embrace the key ideas of the Battlefield series and make sure they are weaved across all aspects of a superbly crafted single-player campaign,” according to the posting.

For this position, EA is searching for a game industry veteran with at least 10 years of directorial or large-team leadership experience in a game company.

BFBulletin, a Twitter fan account, recently discovered the commercial and brought it to the attention of its followers. No one knows how long it will be until this new campaign is out, but since the corporation is still looking for a creative director to manage it, it’s definitely a few years away.

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