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Back 4 Blood bear traps bite ankles

Back 4 Blood bear traps bite ankles

There will be bear traps in Back 4 Blood shortly, and it appears as though they could work on cleaners just as well as they do on the Ridden. The post-apocalyptic American environment of Back 4 Blood, the spiritual sequel to the renowned Left 4 Dead zombie co-op games, will now include bear traps as a new menace. These will operate the way you expect them to — the lock a victim in place, and harm a lot. To begin with, Turtle Rock is keeping a tight lid on who is allowed to use these traps.

Turtle Rock revealed the imminent bear traps in a tweet, which included a provocative caption: “I mean, if it’s only for bears, we should be good, right? … Right?” As a result, we can be certain that we will not be safe, and as a result, these bear traps should be considered risks by the cleaning staff as well.


Back 4 Blood bear traps bite ankles

On the official Back 4 Blood Discord, a Turtle Rock community manager reveals that the bear traps would act “like razor wire, but for bigger things.” In the game, cleaners may install razor wire on the ground to help fortify places, and it’ll hurt and impede anyone that attempts to pass through it.

Tallboys and breakers, two of Back 4 Blood’s unique adversaries, are the exception here: Tallboys can just pass through the wire, whereas breakers may, well, really break it. There’s a possibility that the new bear traps will come in here; standard-issue-ridden may not be heavy enough to set off the trap, but specials may be able to close the jaws on those awful, pestilent legs.

Turtle Rock hasn’t indicated when we may expect to see the bear traps yet, but be ready to watch your step when they come up.

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