Hearts of Iron 4’s new Ethiopia focus tree focuses on survival

Hearts of Iron 4 next update will contain a long delayed Ethiopia makeover, removing Ethiopia from its tutorial speedbump status once and for all.

Ethiopia wasn’t one of the major players in World War II, but it’s a country just about every Hearts of Iron IV player has encountered – it’s primary role in the grand strategy game to date has been to serve as a tutorial punching bag for Italy, which can force a white peace capitulation in a matter of weeks. In the forthcoming By Blood Alone DLC for Hearts of Iron IV, Ethiopia will gain its own focus tree and other improvements, with the aims being survival and modernization.

Paradox content designer wrongwraith outlines part of the reasons for the Ethiopia revamp in the newest Hearts of Iron IV dev diary. It’s a hard task: the team wants to give Ethiopia a unique gameplay, yet the nation starts in 1935 in the midst of a war that it historically lost.

The revamp Paradox discusses in the current release seems actually exciting. As in Italy and Switzerland, Ethiopia will have a power dynamic akin to that of the Mekwanint’s centrally selected officials and the traditional Mesafint nobility.

The first item of business, of course, will be to survive the Italian invasion in the Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935. As a result, Ethiopian players will have to make their first major decision: should they take on the invaders themselves, further reinforcing Emperor Haile Selassie’s reputation as Ethiopia’s “King of Kings,” or do they go to the League of Nations?

Hearts of Iron 4's new Ethiopia focus tree focuses on survival

It is possible to request British rule over Jamaica or to fight to retake Ethiopia from Italy while in exile and field a patchwork of international volunteer divisions in occupied territory while pursuing either of these thrilling options.

Speaking of land, Ethiopia’s map is getting upgraded – it’ll have new provinces and victory point locations to make battle there more intriguing than it’s been in the past. But beyond battle, you’ll also need to worry yourself with modernising Ethiopia and developing it into an industrialised nation, ready and able to compete on the world arena.

Detailed information on the upcoming release can be found in the entire dev diary, which also includes a gallery of artwork currently under development. The release of By Blood Alone is scheduled for the end of the year.

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