The Lost Ark update adds bot prevention measures and a new island getaway

Lost Ark update: An attempt is being made to combat bots with the June Lost Ark update, which implements a captcha test and limits when you may move newly purchased items out of your account.

The Lost Ark update for June is finally slated to go live on June 30, and Amazon Game Studios made some nice news in the update patch notes. Amazon and Smilegate are adding a couple of bot prevention measures to the MMO game in an attempt to help address what the community considers one of the game’s biggest problems, in addition to the features we already expected, including the Vikas Raid, the Kungelanium Guardian, and Thronespire single-player activity.

When you visit a new region in Lost Ark, you will be presented with a captcha verification exam that you must complete within a certain amount of time. The concept is firing “away from keyboard” bots, phony characters, if you will, created to produce gold that’s then sold outside the Lost Ark economy.

How effective it will be is another story, though. Players have lobbied for two-factor identification before because they feel captchas are too feeble of an effort to make much of a difference. It’s also uncertain if the captchas will pop in Raids, which have occasionally had bots populating in them as well.

The Lost Ark update adds bot prevention measures and a new island getaway

However, the new restriction placed on the ability to transfer purchases may have a more significant impact.

There will be a three-day hold on new shop purchases prior to them being exchanged, sent, gifted, or sold at the Auction House. Amazon explains this in the patch notes.

It doesn’t stop the bot problem, but it does make it take longer to receive any meaningful rewards from cheating.

On the positive side, the June update will bring Heartbeat Island, a new event destination you may reach by chatting to Jollous in any major city. While on Heartbeat Island, you earn Festival Coins for taking part in event-specific activities, like resting and taking part in dancing competitions. If only real life were that lovely.

Once you’ve gotten your fill of leisure, you may want to check out Lost Ark’s PvP scene for some action or harvest Mokoko Seeds to trade in for great prizes.

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