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Destiny 2 Season 18 PvP meta changes revealed by Bungie

Destiny 2 Season 18: In preparation for Season 18, Bungie has made significant modifications to Destiny 2’s PvP metagame. Everything you need to know about this is here.

This is the sixth week of the Haunted Season of Destiny 2, and Bungie has also published the newest TWAB.

Bungie has included some of the Season 18 PvP meta and Airborne Effectiveness modifications in this current TWAB. Until now, this is all we’ve got on the subject:

PvP meta adjustments for Destiny 2 Season 18 may be found here.


Effectiveness of Airborne:

All Primary weapons now have improved aerial accuracy and aim help.

Some current perks now get a static airborne effectiveness boost.

Several Exotic weapons now have a higher basic AE stat.

PvP weapon subfamilies that were underperforming have been improved.

In PvE, the pellet shotgun’s damage has been increased.

Glaives, Forerunner, and Eriana’s Vow now have more ammunition for each special block in PvP.

No more flinch boost for Linear Fusion Rifles in PvE (will still receive increased flinch in PvP).


Exotics in PvP that were doing too well have had their stats lowered.


At low stat values, these adjustments are comparable to raising the base AE stat of Primary weapons by about 15, reducing the airborne penalty on all Primary weapons.

20%-40% reduction in airborne accuracy penalty at low AE depending on weapon type.

Sniper Rifle and Submachine Gun – 40 percent discount.

Handgun, Sidearm – 20%.

A third of the way there.

Reductions in airborne aim assist penalties for the aforementioned weapon categories and a tweak in the stat scale to give each point more value

Took a 20% reduction in aerial auto-aim penalties (bullet bending, M+K, and controller)

40 percent reduction in the penalty for airborne magnetism (retinal stickiness, controller only)

In addition to other effects, several perks now provide a static AE stat boost to their players.
+10 AE all the time, plus +60 (for 70 AE total) while you’re low on health.

Magnification: +10 AE for a longer mag.
+7 AE for steady rounds.
Several Exotic weapons’ base AE stats have been raised (listed in the Exotics section below).

Weapon Archetypes

Hand Cannons

Foresight (180 RPM) Hand Cannons have lain dormant for a long time, so we took some time to reduce their PvP hit points. With their intrinsic +25 AE bonus, this makes them a lot more competitive in playtesting.

Body shot damage is now 37 instead of 37, and crit damage is now 60 instead of 57.
Kills in 1.33 seconds with body shots versus Guardians with 2 crit 2 body.
Armed with automatic weapons

Insightful (450 RPM) They have lagged behind other AR subfamilies in part because they were more reliant on hitting a greater percentage of critical hits to get to their ideal time of death.
Body shot damage has been increased from 19 to 20, while the accuracy multiplier has been reduced from 1.6 to 1.5. (crit damage stays the same at 30).
scout rifle

While we don’t want Scout Rifles to be too effective (we generally don’t want long-range weapons to compete with short-range weapons for ease of use or time to kill), there is some room to make Scout Rifles a little better in PvP and add some Primary weapon competition to snipers at longer ranges, so we’ve adjusted two of the Scout Rifle subfamilies: Precision and High-Impact. .

Effortless (180 RPM).

Increased body damage from 34 to 38, and crit from 54.4 to 60.8 percent.
Body shots against targets with 190 HP or less kill in 1.33 seconds; against targets with more resilience, the time drops to 1.67 seconds.
Extraordinary Effects (150 RPM).

Increased body damage from 38.2 points to 42 points, and critical hits from 66.9 points to 73.5 points.
It takes 1.60 seconds to kill with two body shots against an opponent with 189 HP or less.


We intended to confront Lorentz Driver’s oppressiveness in a more comprehensive manner.
Aim assist has been lowered from 32 to 22 points.
Suction on players is lessened.
Changes to all Linear Fusion Rifles, including Arbalest, have resulted in a 2x flinch nerf being removed. This modification also applies to Arbalest.
In both PvP and Gambit, Gjallarhorn is significantly too popular as a heavy weapon due to its proximity detonation and the fact that Wolfpack Rounds can take down Guardians who should be safe at a distance.
The primary rocket is no longer capable of exploding in close proximity to the target.
Players now take half damage from Wolfpack Rounds.
As a result of this change, the Last Word will be a little more difficult to crit when shooting from the hip, and it will be less lethal at long range.
The precision aim angle was reduced by half.
This determines how far off the head you may aim and still be granted a critical hit via aim help, rather than a body shot.
Damage and aim assist falloff distances were slashed by 3 meters.
To make things a little fairer, we’ve increased the amount of ammunition Forerunner gets every Special block in PvP from 3 to 4. In PvE, it could receive a complete clip of ammunition from a single Special block, ensuring a high rate of uptime.
In PvP, the ammunition per Special block has been increased from 3 to 4.
Ammo per Special brick has been reduced to a maximum of 16 in PvE.
In PvP, Eriana’s Vow was only obtaining one round of ammunition for every special block.
In PvP, the number of ammunition per special brick was increased from 1 to 2.
Since Exotic weapons cannot be equipped with the Icarus Grip mod, we are reviewing their airborne efficacy stat and have chosen to increase the value of many to make them more competitive.
Since February 23, the SUROS Regime.
From 9 to 20, listen for the Worm’s whisper.
From 21 to 29 in Monte Carlo.
From the ages of 22 to 27
Season 18 of Destiny 2 PvP will come in August 2022, and these are the only confirmed changes to the meta.

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